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5.  Editorial, 3 December 1828

Georgia and the Cherokees

   From the extract of the Message of the Governor of Geo. published in our last, our readers will discover that the views of the leading men of that state in regard to Cherokee lands have not undergone any change, though the language and recommendations of the present Chief Magistrate are more temperate and becoming than we have been accustomed to hear.  The members of the Legislature are now in session - what they will do in regard to the recommendation of Gov. Forsyth, we are unable to say; we mean the extension of the civil jurisdiction of the State of Georgia, over that part of the Cherokee Nation lying within its chartered limits.   the Governor thinks that it would be cruel to expel the Cherokees, yet recommends the extension of all the laws of Georgia over them, which would in effect be expulsion, though perhaps of a more decent nature.  All laws, including of course the act inserted in another part of our paper.  What rights will the Cherokees enjoy?