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About the originator of this site and the site itself . . .

Jarod H. Roll is a senior history major (B.A.) at Missouri Southern State College in Joplin, MO.  This site has been constructed as a final project for The History of the American Indian (Hist 330).  Mr. Roll would like to thank Dr. Larry Cebula, Dr. Virginia Laas, Dr. Robert Markman and Alexander Golovanov for their invaluable assistance with this endeavor.

This site is designed to be a research aid. A great deal of information had been placed on this site.  To give introductions to each document would be futile, therefore I have included a search feature designed to assist students find particular information.  For the most part, however, a student will simply have to dig and research topics for themselves.  By examing the documents included, a history student can gather a thorough and varied amount of information about the topic.  From this information, countless topics could be generated.

This site has been constructed WITHOUT pretense of inclusiveness.  The materials presented were chosen at the discretion of Mr. Roll.   These materials are intended to provide a wide sample of historical perspective for the investigating scholar.  The voices of both Cherokee and Georgians have been included so that students of history may study them independently and reach a personal conclusion independently.  I hope that this site proves beneficial.


Things to consider . . .

These questions are solely for the enjoyment and indulgence of Mr. Roll.  They are included in the hope that replies and thoughts will follow.  If you wish, send opinions to the e-mail address below.

Is the march of civilization a relentless one?  Wholly unavoidable?  An irresistible force?  How justified are the prices paid for the advancement of civilization?  

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