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8.  From The Constitutionalist (Augusta, GA), 30 March 1832


The Supreme Court

    . . . we cannot but indulge a hope that in this interval of time, the voice of loud and indignant censure from the People; from all those - no matter to what section of the Union belonging - who value State Rights and State Sovereignty - may induce some changes at least on the Bench of the Supreme Court.  The insult and the wrong are not offered to Georgia alone - for were it possible for the Court to succeed in its purpose - the appetite for sway would not be appeased.  Georgia would be the sacrifice - but not the last.   The march of power is onward, and the Rights of a single state once under foot - the Rights of all are in jeopardy and may not be rescued without exceeding difficulty.  It behoves the American People seriously to consider the crisis - to rally around the Rights of the States and defend them against judicial usurpation.  As for Georgia - her mind is made up - she will calmly but resolutely perform her duty to herself - and evince to the last, her devotion to those valuable principles, which gave birth to the Union, and in conformity with which the Union should be governed and conducted.

    Some suppose that the anxious and inflated Cherokees and Missionaries will not wait for the regular session of the Supreme Court, but will apply for a Habeas Corpus, to some one of the Judges out of Court. - When this step shall be adopted it will be time enough to express our opinion of its propriety and consequences - at present we say only this; if these men - these crusaders against the Union and happiness of this favored country - look for aid from such a source, their expectations will be fatally and signally blasted!