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5.  From The Chronicle and Advertiser (Augusta, GA) 4 August 1827

From the Milledgeville Recorder

   By our last accounts, we learn that the Cherokee Convention, intended to frame a Constitution, had met, and that notwithstanding their pretended advanced state of civilization & enlightened views, they found the task rather more difficult than they apprehended.  The Nation is divided into six districts, from each of which two delegates were chosen, one of them being either a white man or a half breed, who can speak English.  Vann, who recently rendered himself so notorious among the Creeks, and in Washington City, is reported to be the most conspicuous character. - It is not surprising that this man and a few other individuals, actuated alone by mercenary and selfish motives, should be suffered thus to delude the whole nation with mad and futile schemes.

    We have no doubt but that the General Government could now obtain the Cherokee Territory, within the limits of Georgia, upon more advantageous terms than at any future period; and if the rights of Georgia under the compact of 1802, are not to be entirely sacrificed to the cupidity of Messrs. Ridge, Vann & Co. no time should be lost in carrying that compact into full effect.