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1.  Thomas Jefferson to Congress, 26 April 1802

Communicated to Congress, April 26, 1802

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives:

   In pursuance of the act, entitled "An act supplemental to the act, entitled An act for an amicable settlement of the limits with the State of Georgia, and authorizing the establishment of a Government in the Mississippi territory," James Madison, Secretary of State, Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the treasury, and Levi Lincoln, Attorney General of the United States, were appointed commissioners to settle, by compromise, with the commissioners appointed by the State of Georgia, the claims and cession to which the said act has relation.

    Articles of agreement and cession have accordingly been entered into, and signed by the said commissioners of the Untied States and of Georgia; which, as they leave a right to Congress to act upon them legislatively at any time within six months after their date, I have thought it my duty immediately to communicate to the Legislature.

Thomas Jefferson

April 26, 1802


1.  Thomas Jefferson to Congress, 26 April 1802, in American State Papers, Public Lands, 2              vols. (Washington, 1834), vol. 1, 125.